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A-Z Reading Digital Resources


Here is How you can use this list:

  1. Introduce your child to the list (show your child, hang it up, read them).
  2. Read all of the words to your child (every day) and explain that s/he will be learning a new word every day (or every other day).  Be excited about it.
  3. On day one, see if your child knows any of the words.  If s/he does, put a sticker, a check mark or a smiley face to the left of the word.  If not, that’s ok!  S/he will.
  4. Every single day, go over the new words, as well as the OLD words that they know.  Start out by going over the old words with the sticker and then picking a new word.  Say it, spell it, say it again and ask your child to repeat it.  During the day,  talk about that word and go back to the wall where it  is hanging to look at it.  Do this at least 3 times.
  5. Continue to add a sticker, check mark, or a smiley face to the new words, until the whole list has been completed.  From then on,you can just review them every day or every few days.